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9 Weirdest Car Accidents

Car accidents are an everyday part of traffic all over the world, and while many of them are dangerous, some are just extremely weird, funny and how-did-you-even kind of accidents. Here are 9 of the weirdest car accidents that will have you scratching your head.

1. Parking Lot

This parking lot accident is hilarious, yet still unexplained. The unfortunate driver just rammed his car on a closed parking lot, leaving it stuck between another car and the concrete roof. The crash gained huge media coverage, and the image quickly went viral.

2. Wired Up

How on Earth could that happen to anyone?. What does a driver need to do to hang his car like that? We still don’t know, but what we know is that accidents like these actually happen more often than we think, and that they are always baffling.

3. 50-50 The Rail

In skateboard culture, 50-50 is considered a basic grinding trick, but in the world of cars, it is a pretty embarrassing accident to get into. Driving a skateboard and driving a car takes a set of completely different skills, and if you try to mix them up, you might end up grinding the highway guardrail.

4. A Guardrail Tail

The driver was texting and driving, and that’s what caused the accident that could result in serious injuries, but luckily didn’t, only leaving this unsettling image as a good educational material for generations to come.

5. A Porsche Pile

Racing crashes are usually ferocious and sometimes heartbreaking, but this one was just weird and hilarious. Two Porsches collided in the strangest possible way, stacking up one on top of the other like toy cars.

6. Safety Second

Safety begins with you, provided that you’re the guy who slows down and manages to read the message, and not the guy who tried speeding up and failed miserably.

7. Hanging High

This unfortunate driver was a victim of failure to focus and feeble construction of the high-rising parking lot. The driver mistakenly went into reverse, crashing through the wall.

8. That’s One Way To Do It!

Sometimes when cars get totaled, drivers have to deal with unpleasant situations like waiting for a tow service to pick up the leftovers. Luckily for this unlucky driver, he had his car crashed right in the recycling dumpster. Sparing himself of many hassles.

9. Bicycle Power

When cyclists and drivers collide, the outcome is usually in favour of the heavier, more advanced of the two, but not in this case, where a device as basic as a bicycle deformed the front fender of a car.