How To Tell If You Need New Brakes


Do you own a car? Do you remember the last time you sent your car to maintenance? Like every other piece of machinery, cars are machinery and require regular maintenance; however, most car owners do not do the needful. There are only a handful of car owners that get their cars regularly checked and sent into care. Still, the majority of the car-owning population does not believe in the process of regular maintenance. Due to this act of negligence, there have been numerous cases where the lack of care has resulted in fatal accidents. 

Brakes are an integral part of a car. Several different parts spring into action when you hit the brakes, and even the slightest damage or lack of function can lead to massive damage. For the brakes to work correctly, certain pieces must be replaced at regular intervals. Among these parts requiring timely replacement, the one you will be switching often is the brake pads. 

You Hear A Squealing Sound

Have you ever heard a squealing, scraping, or buzzing sound when driving your car? However, this sound tends to go away when you hit the brakes. What is happening? Today most cars manufactured come with built-in “wear indicators.” These wear indicators are put in place for a sole purpose which is to emit the unpleasant screech to indicate the wear of your brakes. These wear indicators are small metal tabs located at the top of the brake pads. When the brake pads wear down to a dangerous extent, the indicator starts scraping against the rotor. So, the next time you hear this distinctive sound, remember it is time to get your brake pads changed.

You Hear A Clicking Sound

No two cars are manufactured similarly. Some cars have brake pads enclosed in a case of sorts, while some keep the brake pads steady with pins, bolts, and clips. The end goal of both these methods is to ensure that the brake pads are held constant and do not wobble around. When another part surrounding the brake places suffers some damage, or due to some other reason, the brake pads become loose, they’ll begin to rattle. The result of which is a clicking sound every time the brake paddle is hit. So, if there is a clicking sound while hitting the brakes, it is time to get your car checked. 

Brake Fade

Do you know about brake fade? Brake fade results from deliberately hitting the brakes for an extended period without bringing the car to a stop. When driving down a mountainside or winding roads, this maneuver is essential; however, it takes a toll on your brakes when you continue doing this regularly. When you hit the brakes for a long time without bringing the car to a stop, you force the brakes to rub against the rotors. When the brakes are rubbed against the rotors for a long uninterrupted period, both these components heat up, due to which the friction needed between these elements is reduced over time. As a result, you will notice that your car’s brake response isn’t as rapid as it once used to be. 

The Brake Pedal Vibrates When Pressed

The problem in question is known as Glazing. In most cars, the brake pedals are held together using a binding resin. Due to constant use and wear down, the wax heats up and smears across the rotor. The ideal situation is that the resin forms an even layer all over the disc-shaped rotor. However, in most cases, the brake pads get overheated, and the resin is not evenly spread, which then causes the vibration in the pedal. A vibrating brake pad isn’t safe, so it is crucial to get this issue checked at the earliest.


Does your car “pull” to one side while applying the brakes? If yes, then this may be a sign of uneven degrading of the brake linings or a presence of a foreign matter in the brake fluid, in which case you need to get your brake fluid drained and replaced or have your brake linings adjusted. 

In Conclusion 

There you have the top 5 signs that your car needs new brake pads. Neglecting and procrastinating your vehicle’s maintenance and breaks is a fool’s move, resulting in an accident or two. No matter how good a driver you are, you are at risk if your car isn’t functioning well. So, make sure you get your brake pads and your car checked every once in a while.