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Records Worth Keeping If You Plan To Sell Your Vehicle


Buying a new vehicle often comes with another major task: getting rid of your old car. Now, in the majority of the cases, people usually sell their older car instead of scraping it all together for a simple reason- money. By procuring even a small amount on your old car, you can increase your budget for the new one. However, many people fail to resell their old cars because they lack some necessary documents. The department of motor vehicles specifies a list of documents, without which you cannot sell your car. Other than that, the state requires some additional car-related documents. So, it is best to keep track of your documents from the very beginning. 

Whether you are about to sell your old car or buy a new one, paying attention to its documents is always a good idea. And to help you with the same here’s presenting a guide consisting of all the important documents you should keep safe at all times. Let’s get started! 

Car’s Title

This probably goes without saying but having your car’s title is crucial. This one document is the sole proof of you being the owner of the vehicle. So, if you wish to sell your car, you need to transfer ownership to the buyer, which would require your car’s title. Make sure that this piece of paper is always in good condition. There should not be any creases, and the document should not be torn or damaged in any way; otherwise, the important details may not be clear. And in case your car’s title is missing or damaged, you can request it at the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Vehicle History Report

Today, the first thing that potential buyers ask for is the vehicle history report. This report consists of all the important details that the buyer should know, from minor road accidents to major accidents such as a tree falling on the car, catching fire in a certain part, etc. It is not an expensive document, and you can easily download it from any of the platforms like Carfax. If you don’t have this document, there are very few chances of your car getting sold. 

Maintainance Records

Having a car is one thing, and having a well-maintained vehicle is a whole different thing. Buyers don’t want to buy a car; this is not taken care of because chances are, it would demand a lot of expense from the buyer’s end if they happen to purchase it. On the other hand, a maintained vehicle is a lot safer and ensures a sense of durability and longevity, so buyers are always looking for carefully maintained cars. But then again, you also need to prove that your car is maintained. And for doing so, you should have all the service record documents that clearly show how many times and how well you serviced your vehicle. 

Warranty Documentation

If you have a valid warranty that continues to cover your car’s certain expenses, then it would be best to have warranty documentation by your side. This can practically fetch you much better deals and increase the chances of your car being sold at higher prices. However, you cannot do so without documents that prove the warranty. This is why always make sure that you keep the documents safely whenever you buy or receive a warranty. 

Well, these were some of the most important documents that you must have by your side, irrespective of whether you wish to sell your car or not. In addition to these, you must also have the following documents:

  • Bill of sale– it proves that you have legally bought the vehicle.
  • Odometer record– applicable for cars that are ten or more years old.
  • Safety inspection document– it shows how safe your vehicle is. 


In a nutshell, selling your car is a simple task, but selling it off at a higher price is the real deal. And for doing so, you need two things- documents and basic marketing sell. So, with this guide, at least you can start working on the first bit and back yourself to sell your car at an excellent price.