Tips To Maintaining The Value Of Your Car


When it’s time to sell a car, many owners become concerned. The issue is the reduced value of their vehicles. However, cars don’t lose value overnight, except for an accident. It is up to you to maintain your car’s value or lose it. Checking your tire pressure and spark plugs, for instance, comes under car maintenance. 

Keeping The Car In The Garage

If your garage has turned into a basement, it has lost its purpose. Instead, make it a place to park your car. While storing other things here can ease your household storage, it isn’t suitable for your vehicle. A car garage is a safe place. It reduces your car maintenance to a large extent. When a car isn’t in direct contact with hail, sunshine, and snowstorms, the exterior can remain in almost perfect condition. 

Remember that there are long-term perks of keeping your car away from trees and harsh weather. If you decide to sell your car in the sun and rain, customers won’t come. Ask yourself. If you were a willing buyer, would you choose a weather-stricken vehicle? So, the best parking spot for cars in your house is a garage.

Regular Tune-Ups

It’s essential to check the mechanical issues in a car. Without frequent maintenance, minor problems keep turning bigger. So, unless you’re waiting for major troubles, focus on your car maintenance. Check the oil levels regularly. Anyday can be the time to sell the car. So, tune-ups keep it in perfect shape. Another essential part is to check your tire pressure. 

These minute problems can substantially reduce the value of your vehicle in the long term. Also, most car buyers notice if the engine makes too much noise. Regular check-up keeps the car quieter. 

No Smoking Zone

If you smoke in your car, it makes the inner atmosphere smell like an ashtray. Not just that, the seat covers can also turn yellowish-brown and dull over time. In the US, nearly 22 percent of adults smoke. 

So, it sure means if your prospective buyer is a non-smoker, he won’t choose your vehicle. But if your car is a no-smoking zone, there won’t be an offending smell. So don’t let something like cigarette smoke reduce the value of your car. 

Regular Oil Change

Among the best tips for maintaining the value of your car is checking the oil level. It is a very cost-effective maintenance trick. 

Repairing Unusual Engine Noises

You may not be driving your vehicle so often. But, if you’re willing to sell your car sometime, its engine shouldn’t be loud. Such noises indicate there are significant issues with your vehicle. 

If caught, you can change the belts and hoses at a lower cost. But, if you overlook maintenance, the repairs may turn expensive later. So, get the engine checked up as soon as you notice unusual noises. 

What’s More?

Further, if it’s time to sell the car, ensure you check the transmission fluid. It reduces the unnecessary clamor. Since a prospective car buyer may be an expert, you need to be on the safe side. 

Knocking sounds also indicate a severe problem. As much as intermittent clunking can disturb you while driving, it also makes your car a complex piece to sell. And even if you’re a long-term owner and ignore these sounds, a potential buyer won’t.

Cleaning Up Stains On Carpets

The interiors of cars resist spills and stains. However, if you do not clean your vehicle’s seat covers regularly, these stains can turn permanent. So, go for washing and waxing or simply clean the carpets every week. 

Keeping the car clean becomes more challenging if you have kids who love red drinks. There’s something problematic about the red color as it resists getting off your carpets and seat covers. These insignificant-to-you stains may turn down a prospective buyer. So, it’s wiser to clean spills at the earliest. 

Easy Ways To Maintain Vehicle

Fix The Exteriors Before Selling Your Car

It’s inevitable for every vehicle, no matter how well-kept, to get dents and nicks. Of course, you can avoid them. The exterior body paint and imperfections need to be made right. Or else, when it’s time to sell your car, you won’t find a potential buyer. Just get these little things repaired. It’s not required to spend several dollars on changing the body. Neither is professional repainting needed. 

But take your car to a body shop and fix the nicks and scratches. It’s recommended you let them do the paint job since patches don’t look good. 

Check Your Tire Pressure

When was the last time you pumped air in your tires? It’s a small thing we usually ignore. However, they do support the smooth movement of the vehicle. 

Just as it’s vital to check the transmission fluid and oil level, you must maintain the tires. Improve the mileage of your car by checking your tire pressure. These are tiny things. But if not handled well, your motor oil and air filters can turn away a potential buyer. 

Keep The Belts And Hoses Firm

Among the essential parts of your car’s functioning are belts and hoses. If these are well-set, the engine’s charging, cooling, and air conditioning remain perfect. 

Hoses also absorb the vibrations that occur while you drive. So, as you go for car maintenance, ensure that they aren’t loose. It’s one of the fantastic tips to maintain the value of your car. 

Fight Rust

Another essential car maintenance tip is to get rid of rust regularly. It sticks over your vehicle like cancer and consumes the body. Therefore, any potential buyers would first check for corrosion on your car. 

If you live in cold climates, wash your car to remove salt deposits. Another way is getting the vehicle coated with a rust-proof spray, especially the fenders and panels. The latter finally lead to rust. It’s wiser not to wait for the time to sell to get the rust removed.


The above tips are not a one-time thing for car owners. Cleanup of seat covers, ensuring no cigarette smoke inside (ever), and checking the oil levels maintain your vehicle’s value. Easiest of all, park your car in less crowded areas where the chances of another car running into yours are minimal. Follow the maintenance guide to receive the best price when it’s time to sell your vehicle.