10 Longest Lasting Cars


Although renting a new car for two to three years now accounts for around a third of all transactions, it is not for everyone. Sure, that’s not a bad way to go if you’re just starting and want to use a “fun” car on a budget before the responsibilities of family life begin, or if you can deduct it from your taxes as a business expense. The big gamble, on the other hand, is on an automobile that will last much longer than anyone else’s final mortgage payment — especially those approaching or already in retirement age. The ordinary vehicle on the road today is 11.8 years old, which is quite ancient. Even so, any vehicle’s usable lifespan can be cut short if its owner is hit with a series of spectacularly expensive maintenance expenses, later on, thereby “totaling” the automobile. Owner evaluations from companies like J.D. Power, Consumer Reports show that some automobiles have traditionally performed better than most in terms of reliability. But, more importantly, which models can truly go the distance, perhaps, 200,000 miles or more? To answer that issue, the figures are based on automobiles that have switched ownership; they certainly still have some life remaining in them, so that the numbers could rise much higher. Just one of the ten oldest continuous models on the list is a regular passenger automobile, as it turns out.

Toyota Land Cruiser

For the past 60 years, Toyota’s replete Land Cruiser SUV has been a constant in its U.S.U.S. showrooms. It’s a tough luxury off-roader, with a whopping 15.7 percent from used models on the market in 2019 being logged more than 200,000 miles. At 1.5 percent, it also leads the list of automobiles capable of lasting 300,000 miles more.

Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia is a filled truck-based SUV, with 9.2 percent of those sold last year exceeding 200,000 miles. As if that wasn’t enough, 0.4 percent of them clocked in at 300,000 miles more.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition, which is premised on a full-size truck, shares systems, and mechanical systems also with a number, so it should rank high on this list, with 5.2 percent of Excursions having been driven for 200,000 miles or more and 0.2 percent still trying to operate after 300,000 miles.

Suburban, Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Suburban is a larger and roomier version of the Tahoe SUV, already a comprehensive vehicle. It’s also one of the most regular trips to reach 200,000 miles, with 4.9 percent of those expected to do so and 0.2 percent capable of exceeding 300,000.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Some are surprised to see a gas/electric combination crossover SUV on this ranking, but 4.2 percent of medium Toyota Highlander Hybrid vehicles offered for sale in 2019 have traveled more than 200,000 miles.

Chevrolet Tahoe

The Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, built on a filled truck, is technically related to the GMC Yukon. Thus it can also tow. The year before, 4.1 percent of others on the used-car market registered almost 200,000 of them.

GMC Yukon XL 

The edited version of the GMC Yukon SUV is also a stable ride, with 3.2% exceeding 200K miles and 0.2 percent exceeding 300K miles.

Toyota 4Runner

The vital aspect of the Toyota 4Runner, a medium truck-based SUV, has always been a favorite amongst off-road aficionados. In 2019, an estimated 3.9 percent of those sold had logged 200,000 miles more than, with 0.2 percent still riding high after 300,000.

Honda Ridgeline

In some ways, the third of 3 pickup trucks with 200,000 or more kilometers on the clock isn’t a vehicle. The Honda Ridgeline is a medium crossover SUV with a load bed behind second-row passengers, built on a passenger car platform. With more than 200,000 miles of range, an average of 2.7 percent of vehicles changed hands in 2019.


The truth is that today’s modern cars, trucks, and sport-utility vehicles are better constructed than ever before and can provide years of reliable service if properly maintained. Still, these models are the best long-lasting cars. However, five domestic brands, i.e., Chevrolet, GMC, and Ford, round out the top five. The bulk of the oldest continuous SUVs and pickup trucks are made in the United States, contributing the rating as mentioned above on the list.