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Best Car Shows In The United States


Motoring events and auto shows are the perfect sites to be unbelievably close to the most advanced supercar releases, get to rediscover old classics, watch incredible races and even get personal and close to the world’s best drivers from Nascar to Formula 1.

Great American Trucking Show In Texas

No one can overlook the pure beasts of the automotive Industry. This Great American Trucking Show is much more of an industry trade fair for trucking professionals and enthusiasts.

More than 50,000 truckers travel to Dallas, Texas, every year for the interactive, spectacular showcase of the best trucking. With more than 500 exhibitions with everything from engines to trailers, manufacturing, and components.

Corvettes At Carlisle

If you adore the Corvette, this event will be for you. The Corvettes at Carlisle is the largest and most fun-packed pure classic Corvette event in the whole world. It features more than 5,000 Corvettes from every generation of this all-American attraction and classic, almost to 50,000 avid fans.

One can expect an entertaining event with burnouts and also a colorful parade in historic downtown Carlisle. Seemingly one of the best parts of the motoring event is the thrilling shopping experience with a huge swap meet with various vendors and pop-up shops.

International Auto Show In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a gold mine for extravagant festivals and events; this is not that different. More than 350 of the most impressive trucks, new cars, prototypes all under one roof at this Las Vegas Convention Center.

Here you can find an entire array of excellent automobiles from Lamborghinis to Lincolns. This is a highly inspirational event; without the sales vibe, have a look at the engines, sit behind the wheel of your favorite supercars and take a couple for a ride out in Vegas.

Car Capital Auto Show In Michigan 

Car Capital Auto Show is a true Michigan sweetheart. A hybrid of motorcycles, cars, and trucks auto shows joined together for a grand event. If you’re after a genuine petrolhead show with variety, this will be the one motoring event for you.

With almost 500 vendors, you can check out off-road vehicles and pick up spare parts. Also, if you feel hungry, there is a place with tasty food vendors. The best part is the ticket will be free if you are an industry professional.

Central Florida International Auto Show 

The Central Florida Auto Show is famous for various car enthusiasts. Sunshine state puts out an excellent showcase of Toyota, Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, Jeep, and Ford. Whether you are looking for a new car, have to check out the latest auto technology, or only have a real passion for cars, then this is your place to be.

Japanese Classic Car Show In California 

This Japanese Classic Car Show is a tribute to the old-school, authentic Japanese cars. With more than 500 cars from Honda, Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan. Spread out among 55 plus vendors, assume to look at various rare Japanese classics from NA Miatas, Mk3 Supras, R32 Nissan Skylines, to FC RX7s. The event also hosts a car auction where you can grab yourself any classic Japanese legend.

Orphan Car Show In Michigan 

The orphan car show is a single-day event held yearly at Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum. A great showcase of Corvettes, Mustangs, and also classic Chevys. Different highlights comprise Ford Motors Generator Plant & a variety of local car dealerships.

Milwaukee Rally Bike Show

Event organizers usually call this a maximum volume event with a five-day festival of the perfect Harley-Davidson prototype models and custom bike shows. The Milwaukee Rally Bike Show features products such as classic cars, equipment, motorcycles, vehicles parts, commercial, and services on display.

Springfield Swap Meet/Car Show In Ohio 

This one is also a real American show of RVs, cars, and trailers. From vintage racing to dragsters, memorabilia, and stock cars. With more than 9,000 enthusiasts attending every year, it’s a great meet with parts vendors, cars for sale, and other festivities. 

Charlotte Auto Fair In North Carolina

With more than 20,000 attendees every year, Charlotte Auto Fair is a hub of collector vehicles and the ideal place for sellers and buyers to flock. The good thing about this event is as a buyer, and you can get up close with a range of vehicles, have a chat with the owner, drive them, etc. If you are a seller, you have 20,000 potential customers.


Every year around the globe, the most extraordinary events in the car industry attract a vast audience. Automakers use car shows to promote their latest products, test ideas, and test concept vehicles to understand consumers’ tastes and enthusiasm. Car shows are a big platform to reach broad audiences efficiently, not to mention the enormous press conferences.