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Colors To Avoid: Car Value And Color


Car color highly matters. Your car color will affect your cost of ownership and affect the resale value of your car. Many reasons can influence the net worth of your vehicle, including color preferences. However, factors like residential address also play a significant role in deciding your vehicle’s net worth, but your car color attracts buyers.  

Car Depreciation

The depreciation amount of every motor vehicle is one of the most significant ownership expenses for every owner, and this realization strikes us during the selling period. Many other factors play a major role in deciding your car’s resale amount; the car color is a significant factor ignored by many owners and sellers.  

According to various research and data, a car’s exterior appearance and color shade play a significant role in deciding the resale value. However, the vehicle’s resale value’s effect due to color differs from one location to another.

According to the reports presented by PPG industries, the color white is one of the most preferred car colors in the US followed by, the color black, silver, and gray. The color white is also one of the most preferred colors in various countries like South America, Asia, and Europe. 

Some reports have stated that it takes only one day or two long for three-year-old vehicles in popular colors like white and black to stock out than similar models with the least popular color like brown, green, yellow, or orange.  

Avoid The Color Gold 

Reports have stated that vehicles in the color gold are highly depreciated than any other color, by at least one-third in its initial three years. The reason being that most of the gold cars are sedans, affecting their prices. 


Many vehicle owners prefer black cars, but this color comes at a cost. Unlike white, this color will show all imperfections on the paint. Over time, the color black can become dull and sun-faded, but this is less of an issue in white vehicles. If you purchase a car in black, make sure to care for the paint correctly. Over time this will enhance the value of the vehicle because the outer appearance is what counts. 

Red, Blue, And White 

One of the most preferred colors for performance sedans and sports cars is cod-catcher red, but not for minivans. Apart from red, the colors silver and blue are preferred for a sports model.  

As already mentioned, white is a popular color choice and is very easy to be cleaned, and it also shows fewer marks and scratches. 

Luxury Models

According to the PPG report, most luxury cars, including SUVs, are likely to choose pearl tri-coat and metallic paint. Land Rover recently reported that about one-third of its model is in white.  


Manufacturers and sellers update the color requirements all the time. Your car color will affect your cost of ownership and affect the resale value of your car. The main reason why silver, black, and white colors are so prevalent in vehicles is that they don’t compromise or affect the price during resale value