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Everything You Need To Know About The New Electric F-150


This one is still sweet! The new Ford F150 Lightning will be the first of its kind for Ford trucks. Ford has been investing heavily in electric vehicles, especially its hybrid models. This new F150 model will be the first full-sized truck ever built for an electric powertrain. This article will take a look at what makes it so unique!


According to Ford, the F-150 Lightning will be able to charge at home using 110- and 220-volt outlets, but it can also juice at public DC fast-charging stations, and it can charge from 15% to 80% of the battery’s capacity in 44 minutes. Ford claims a driving range of 230 miles per charge for the smaller 98.0-kWh battery; adding a 131.0-kWh pack extends the driving range to 300 miles. In addition, Ford created the F-150 Lightning to serve as a backup generator and claims that a fully charged truck can provide up to three days of electricity for the average household in the case of an outage.

Towing And Payload Capacity

The Ford F-150 Lightning’s trailer towing capacity is 10,000 pounds on XLT and Lariat models with the long-range battery and Max Trailer Tow Package. Models equipped with the standard-range battery will have a targeted towing capacity of 7,700 pounds. For comparison, the maximum towing capacity of the conventional gas-powered Ford F-150 truck is 14,000 pounds.

On regular-range F-150s, the 2022 Lightning F-150 targets a maximum of 2,000 pounds of available payload capacity. Extended-range battery models will have a maximum targeted payload of 1,800 pounds. They are making this front trunk the largest of its kind in the truck industry.


According to Ford, the interior of the 2020 F-150 is expected to be very similar to that of other F-150s. The XLT and Pro will get a 12-inch Sync 4 touchscreen, while the Lariat and Platinum will have a 15-inch Sync 4A touchscreen. A push-button start and a console gearbox are standard. Both systems feature industry norms such as wireless smartphone connectivity, voice recognition, and over-the-air updates. At the same time, the more sophisticated card-based Sync 4A can recognize driver profiles, allow for remote vehicle setup, and make intelligent suggestions like who to call, where to go, and what audio to play. There are also additional outlets included inside.


The Ford F150 Lighting comes with many benefits when it comes to the exterior of the truck. As mentioned before, the front trunk and the bed come with their plugins, making them essential for outdoor work and lighting. On top of that, the Lightning is a crew-cab truck with a 5.5-footbed, which is the most frequent arrangement for full-sized trucks today. The body is more aerodynamic than the traditional truck’s, giving it a smoother, more modern appearance. The hood, running boards, and three grilles are all modified. The accurate indicator of top trims is the horizontal LED illumination that runs down the grille.

In addition, there are added accessories, such as the tailgate’s work surface. It offers several functions that can be accessed when the tailgate is down, including a phone or tablet holder, pencil holders, a ruler, and a cupholder. Every tailgate of an F-150 will include cleats attached to the sides. The cleats may be used to securely fasten long things when the tailgate must remain down to accommodate those hard-to-fit objects.

Safety Features And Other Benefits

Forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot warning, lane-keeping assistance, parking obstruction warning, and automatic rear braking are all standard on the Ford Co-Pilot 360 2.0 package. Adaptive cruise control, lane-centering assistance, and speed limit sign recognition are included in the Lariat version. The BlueCruise driving assist system, which allows for hands-free highway travel under certain conditions, is optional on the Lariat and standard on the Platinum. Other interesting tech features include over-the-air software updates, a phone as a key, and onboard scales that display how full the truck is via its taillights.


All F-150 Lightning models are equipped with two electric motors and all-wheel drive. The Standard-Range battery combines the motors to produce 426 horsepower, but with the Extended-Range battery, horsepower rises to 563. Peak torque is a tremendous 775 pound-feet in either case. According to Ford, with all that power, The all-electric truck can reach 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. Compared to other similar models, this will be one of the fastest full-size trucks on the market!


When they arrive, the Lightning and XLT will be available in four-wheel-drive versions. The base Lightning, for businesses, will start at $41,669, with the XLT starting at $54,669. However, the top Lariat and Platinum levels will be significantly more expensive; the Platinum begins at a staggering $92,569!


The new all-electric 2022 Ford F150 is one of the most tech-savvy trucks to date. Though they might be pricey, the extended run time and cost savings will more than makeup for it in the long run! This lightning will indeed be a game-changer with all that added tech, industry-leading performance, and rugged durability. Set to release May 2022, this will be a truck to have your eye on!