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New Safety Features Coming In 2022


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cars today are a lot safer. If you look back a decade, the cars were equipped only with a few safety features like the airbag that offered the drivers and passengers only a limited level of safety in case of an accident. However, thanks to technological advancements, newer vehicles are equipped with more safety features than ever before. Since there’s no stopping to technological evolution and no car can be 100% safe, you can expect newer cars that’ll hit the market in 2022 and later to be equipped with an even wider range of safety features.

As of today, most of the latest car safety features don’t come standard in new cars. The buyers are given an option to choose which features they would like their new car to have and pay accordingly. As a result, people only opt for basic ones because let’s face it – the additional cost for the latest safety features can be a little too much. But the good news is – you can expect some of the best car safety features to become standard for all vehicles that hit the road from 2022 onwards.

It means that if buying a car is on your to-list for the new year, you’re in good luck because you might just get your hands on the safest car (so far). Some of the new safety features coming in 2022 have been listed down for you. You may already be familiar with some, while some may come as a revelation to you. However, you can rest assured that any new car that you’ll buy in 2022 will have some or all of the latest car safety features installed!

Automatic Emergency Braking System

Sometimes, people often fail to analyze the situation and respond in time when they find themselves in an emergency situation. They know they’ve got to hit the brakes, but their reflexes somewhat freeze. This is where an automatic emergency braking system comes to the rescue.

The car’s brakes will be activated with this system even if the driver doesn’t hit the pedal, ensuring that the driver and others around are safe. Most modern cars come with a pre-installed automatic emergency braking system, but this safety feature isn’t a standard yet. However, in 2022, this feature might be available in all the new cars, owing to its importance and criticality in emergency situations.

Blind-Spot Monitoring

Another car safety feature that might be made a standard for all new cars in 2022 is blind-spot monitoring. Most people who own older cars like convertibles may find it very hard to identify blind spots. However, with the blind-spot monitoring feature, you can change lanes knowing that there are no obstacles or vehicles at the blind spot that you may not be able to see well in time. This system alerts the driver if there are any oncoming vehicles or stationary obstacles at the blind spot, thereby reducing the chances of accidents at blind spots.

360 Driver Vision

You can keep an eye on what you see in the side-view mirrors and rearview mirrors. However, many modern cars are equipped with a 360 Driver Vision that captures footage from special cameras installed across the vehicle and provides the driver with a 360-degrees view of their surroundings. With this feature, the drivers will be able to evaluate and analyze what they should be looking out for, thereby ensuring safety for both themselves, other vehicles around them, and the pedestrians.

Night Vision

Accidents during the nighttime are quite common. Drivers are unable to see pedestrians or animals that may be crossing the road. By the time they come into the range of their headlights, it’s already too late to hit the brakes. Night Vision with pedestrian detection systems are available today but as we said earlier, they’re too expensive.

However, we expect all the new cars coming on the road in 2022 and later will have this system already installed on their cars. The viewing range with this system in the dark will be quite enough for the driver to respond when there’s still enough time for them to take control of the situation. The system will also alert the driver of any oncoming pedestrians so the driver can slow down right on time.

Adaptive Cruising

Most high-end vehicles are equipped with a feature of Adaptive Cruising. With this car safety feature, the speed of the car is automatically adjusted to match the speed of the cars ahead. With Adaptive Cruising, you don’t have to slow down or speed up to match the speed of the car ahead when driving on the highway or stuck in traffic. This feature will reduce the risk of colliding with the vehicle in front of you.

Driver Assistance System

Driver Assistance System is basically a wholesome car safety feature that covers the features of most independent car safety features like automatic braking system, speed control, and blind-spot monitoring. With this feature, all the systems of the vehicle will work in coordination with each other and will be activated simultaneously as the need arises.


All vehicles today come with standard safety features like seatbelts and airbags. Just like we’re so used to having these features, there will come a time when you’ll become used to car safety features that are only limited to luxury vehicles. When we say cars of the future will be even safer than what we have today, we aren’t kidding. We mean every bit of it.