How To Properly Clean Your Cars Interior


Do not expect the new car smell when you clean your car’s interior. Well, it might improve the air quality as you wash the windows, take out the garbage, and wash your seats and carpets. According to experts, cleaning your car interior can also enhance your driving skills. 

Purchasing professional types of equipment can be very expensive. But as a matter of fact, you don’t require them. For example, just with your standard cleaning supplies, you can clean your car like a pro.  

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Car’s Interior?

The frequency of cleaning the car relies on the driving condition, how often you drive, using the vehicle, amount of passengers, etc. 

Security is the primary thing that must be in your mind while maintaining your car. It would be best to wipe your car’s windows at least once a month because when the dust starts to settle on the windows, it creates difficulty for the driver. Other than that, cleaning a car twice a year is sufficient. Cleaning is critical as it helps maintain the car’s shape, which would further benefit you in getting the best value of the car when you are ready to sell it. 

The process is not that hard. Some methods are listed below. 

Collect The Clutter And Garbage

Collect the debris from the cupholders, door/seat pockets, and floorboards, and dispose of them off. Pull out other things like toys and car seats to better look for garbage that might be there.  

Take The Carpet Out And Clean It

Most of the time, the carpet is the filthiest item in the entire car. So all you have to do is take it out, shake the mat and vacuum it. Please place it on a clean surface instead of placing it on the ground. 

There are different ways of cleaning it, depending on the material of the mat. For example, formats are made up of silicon or rubber. You can utilize a hose at that time. Take a half bucket of water, and add liquid dishwashing. Scrub it with a sponge. Wash it and dry it by hanging it on a rope. Till then, clean your car.

Clean Mirror And Windows

Take a cloth and a window cleaner to remove the haze (Ensure the window cleaner is ammonia-free as it damages the interior plastic). Or, if the window cleaner is not available, you can make one of your own. Take processed white vinegar and start cleaning from the top so that it doesn’t drip.   

 Clean The Console

As mentioned in the first point, cup holders can also get messed up. Check if the cup holder is removable; if yes, take it off and dip it into a bucket full of water with two or three drops of liquid dishwashing. Next, clean it with the help of a sponge. Finally, wipe it with a nice soft cloth and wash it with fresh water. Make sure it’s dry, and then keep it at its place again. 

If you want to clean the consul (gearstick), then take a standard moist cloth. Then, you can reach any remote corner by using an old toothbrush or a moist cotton swab. You can also wrap a damp paper towel around a blunt knife to do the same. 

Clean The Dust And Filth From The Dashboard

Take a regular cloth and wipe the dust from the areas that are under your reach. Use cotton swabs or old toothbrushes to do the same in small spaces where you cannot reach with the cloth. To remove any fingerprints or remaining filth after dusting, use a moist cloth to wipe it down.

Clean The Steering Wheel With A Disinfectant

Remove the developing bacteria or germs from the gear shifting knobs and steering wheel with a disinfectant wipe, or you can take a few drops of sanitizer on a clean cloth. Then, dry clean it with a dry and clean cloth. 


Other than these, here are some tips to make your work even more accessible:

    • Use a silicone baking cup for the cup holders to prevent them from dust and filth.
    • Use some baking soda to combat odor.
    • Make sure you don’t miss out on the seat belt. You can take fabric straps to take off the filth and dust. 

Keeping the car clean is the most straightforward task as it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Although it takes up your time, the points mentioned above do not require a lot of money. I hope this article helped you.