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Reputable Car Tire Companies


Buying tires can be challenging, but the companies below help make it straightforward and quick. Learn more about these reliable companies below and make your tire buying process easy. The companies below will make sure that you get the most out of your tires. 


Michelin is a French company that has manufactured tires since 1889. Michelin is considered the largest tire manufacturing company on the entire planet. 

According to Michelin, it manufactures 53 types of tires presently according to all the weather conditions. It has won a lot of awards like golden wrench for all-season CrossClimate2 and best performance tire. 

All around the world, Michelin is a reputed tire manufacturing company for making quality tires with every rating agency ever seen. But, first, let’s look at its types. 

Types: Touring Tires, Mud Terrain Tires, Ultra-high-performance Tires, High-performance Tires, Season Tires, Winter Tires 


Continental is a tire manufacturing company from Germany, which has been running this company for 150 years. It is a powerful multinational combination that offers all kinds of system components for transportation and automotive applications. Manufacturing tires is only one aspect of the business. 

In the United States, continental offers 59 different types of tires. It usually is related to primary automotive tire development. So, it would be best if you look for great top-ranking tires, SUV tires and medium-duty tires and touring tires, and all-terrain models. 

Types: Touring Tires, Ultra-high Performance Winter Tires, High-performance Tires, And All Seasons Tires 


Goodyear is an American tire manufacturing company that has been in this business since 1898. It comes in the list of the top four tire manufacturers in the entire world at present. 

Goodyear has a fantastic range of 85 different tires, from the low-budget all-season tires to ultra-performance tires; they offer all of them. Most of the tires Goodyear provides are for trucks and SUVs.

Types: Mud Terrain Tires, Ultra-high Performance Tires, All Seasons Tires, All-terrain Tires, Winter Tires, Touring Tires


Bridgestone is a Japanese tire-producing company that has been in this business since 1931; Bridgestone corporation is the biggest tire manufacturer in the entire world. 

It supervises the Bridgestone trademark, which provides more than 100 different modes for every kind of driver. 

Types: Touring Tires, Mud Terrain Tires, Winter Tires, All-terrain Tires, Ultra-high-performance Tires, High-performance Tires, All-Seasons Tires


BFGoodrich is a tire manufacturing company that has stuck around since 1870 and might be the oldest manufacturing company. It has been a part of Michelin since 1990, yet, it has made a place for itself in the United States of America. 

Just like Michelin, it also has a somewhat narrow range of just 21 tire models. However, ultra-high performance tires and all-terrain tires are their specialties.

Types: High-performance Tires, Mud Terrain Tires, Touring Tires, All-terrain Tires, All-Seasons Tires


Cooper, another part of the Akron rubber manufacturer, has been sticking around since 1914. Their company has faced many bumps in their career, but still, they stand firm and provide us with one of the best tire manufacturing companies. 

It also has 21 different models, so it might not stand with other companies in comparison to their wide range of tires. However, it’s discovered truck tires and SUV tires have made a place in its customer’s hearts. And people who own a muscle car are always in favor of the copper cobra. 

Types: Winter Tires, Mud Terrain Tires, High-performance Tires, All Seasons Tires, All-terrain Tires, Touring Tires 


Yokohama is a Japanese tire manufacturing company, which has been in the market since 1917, and it secured its position in the United States of America in 1969. Since then, it has started two tire-producing facilities in the U.S. and has become a trademark by offering CRM applications. 

There are up to 76 distinct Yokohama models for its customers in the U.S., from high-performance tires to all seasons and touring tires, from trucks to SUV tires, they have them all. Yokohama also has many winter tire models. 

Types: Winter Tires, All Seasons Tires, Mud Terrain Tires, All-terrain Tires, Ultra-high-performance Tires, Touring Tires, High-performance Tires


Pirelli is a tire manufacturing company from Milan. It has been offering tires for European racing contests and events like FIA Formula One and the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series for 150 years. 

Pirelli offers a wide range of tires with almost 63 tire models. And most of its reputation is a result of ultra-high performance and sport-luxury cars. However, Pirelli is also widely known for its high-end tires for trucks and SUVs with the scorpion line of track tires and the winter performance range. 

Type:  All-terrain Tires, Ultra-high Performance Tires, High-performance Tires, All Seasons Tires, Touring Tires 


Hankook is the youngest tire trademark in this entire list. Hankook’s former name was Chosun Tire Company, 1941. It originated in South Korea; it was rebranded as ‘Hankook’ in 1968 and sold only tires in the 1990s.

Hankook had a little history, and on that note, it is convincing to say that Hankook has evolved in a short period (if compared to other big companies). 

Type: Mud Terrain Tires, All-terrain Tires, High-performance Tires, All Seasons Tires, High Performance, Touring Tires 


All of the companies above offer quality and are solely in this position because their customers are satisfied. You can’t just purchase the one which gives you a low price. Before buying, you have taken all the aspects, like durability, cost, quality, pros, and cons, etc.