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Top Rated Back-Up Cameras


Driving was a bit strenuous back in the times when there were no backup cameras. Since 2018, the feature of backup cameras has been compulsory. These cameras record and display the footage on a monitor placed on the dashboard or the rear-view mirror. They even come with attached sensors that start beeping when an object comes closer to the car. Advanced cameras offer a wide-angle display of the surroundings. It is always beneficial to get one installed. Let us discuss a few camera options that can best suit your requirements.

eRapta Automotive Backup Camera

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly rear-view camera, then eRapta ERT01 is the answer. You can attach the camera to the license plate, and it comes with a 26-feet RCA cable to get a clear output on the screen. It can be difficult to install the ERT01, but you can easily do so by following the steps mentioned in the guide. It also comes with a cable that supplies power to the camera. The camera is easy to use, durable, resistant to extreme temperatures, and waterproof.

Auto-Vox Wireless Backup Camera Kit

The Auto-Vox CS-2 provides the best picture quality and is super easy to install. It is a wireless camera, so you won’t face any hassles while attaching it to the vehicle’s back. The camera is based on the digital wireless transmission technique, which helps to provide proper signals leading to clear images. The camera is best for a vehicle that is up to 32 feet long. The CS-2 rear-view camera has a viewing angle of 110 degrees. It may seem narrow for people who want a broad vision, but it works well for parking as there is no image distortion on the screen.

Toguard Mirror Backup Camera

Toguard’s 1080P Mirror Backup Camera boasts many high-tech features. The monitor comes with a touchscreen and has a picture-in-picture ability to show footage of the dashcam. You can record and view all pictures later too. It can turn to a regular rear-view mirror at the touch of a button.

Zeroxclub Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit

The W01 Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit is one of the best for an SUV. It comes with great precision and wide coverage. The installation is easy as it is a wireless model. It comes with a monitor that you can plug into the SUV’s lighter plug. The transmission and signals are strong, with zero interference. The LCD screen size is 7 inches, coupled with an excellent resolution. The camera is waterproof, has a superb image processor, has infrared lights, and has a 149-degree vision.

Yakry Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit

The HD 720P Digital Wireless Backup Camera model is a perfect choice if you attach a trailer to the vehicle you drive. It is a wireless camera with strong signal strength. It is helpful for vehicles about 45 feet long. You can easily install the model as it is a wireless camera model. The model is fog resistant with a 150-degree angle to provide a broad vision, apart from signal strength. It comes with a 5-inch monitor.

DoHonest Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit

The DoHonest HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera is amazingly versatile and so easy to install. It comes with a 150-degree view angle which makes it a great choice for bigger vehicles. It can easily fit on the license plate of the car. It comes with an internal transmitter that enhances the clarity of the signals. The device is waterproof, has night vision, and comes with a six-lens glass. The screen can easily attach to the dashboard or windshield.

LeeKooLuu Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Generally, the older vehicles lack a console screen. The 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera model comes with a customizable 5-inch display that you can easily mount on the dashboard without compromising driving comfort. It has apt color saturation, brightness, and contrast to view the images. You can easily mount it to the license plate, and it is easy to install. The camera is waterproof, comes with a 150-degree angle and eight infrared LED lights to make night driving easier.

Master Tailgaters Rear View Mirror

Generally, the backup cameras send videos or pictures to a monitor or the smartphone linked to them. So the screen must be mounted to the dashboard, or near the air vents, or windshield. If you do not prefer this to happen, then Master Tailgaters Rear View Mirror is the answer for you. It transmits the coverage from a camera placed above the rear license plate to the screen amalgamated in the rear-view mirror. The camera is almost 4.3 inches in size and comes with an auto-dimming feature. It is compatible with the car models of Honda, Toyota, and General Motors.

Auto-Vox V5

The Auto-Vox V5 comes with a touch-sensitive screen that can be easily attached to the rear-view mirror. The camera of this unit is mounted over the top of the rear license plate. It also acts as a dashcam and provides high-resolution footage. The videos are saved for later reference, and a sensor detects the impact and starts recording. It is a highly versatile option. 


Ensure that the backup camera you choose is easy to use, of high quality, has low maintenance costs, and is affordable. Luckily, many companies manufacture such cameras that you can add to any vehicle. The options stated above are a few of the best ones that can cater to your needs.