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Apps To Keep Track Of Your Car’s Maintenance


Maintenance of a vehicle is a must to ensure that the car can run at its best performance on the road. But, at the same time, we all know how tedious the process can be. From keeping an eye on the tires to tracking the oil changes, the list is endless. Regular and timely maintenance is vital as if you do not address the issues at the right time, it can lead to severe accidents on the road. Thanks to the app developing teams, convenience is at your fingertips. You can say goodbye to the manual charts and let the automated algorithms keep track of everything your vehicles require. From scheduling the maintenance visits to fuel tracking, these apps have digitized answers to all. 

Simply Auto

Simply Auto includes many features. You can use it as a mileage tracker and regular use for recording upcoming car services, fuel efficiency, vehicle maintenance, trip logs, and expenses incurred. You can categorize the trips undergone by the vehicle under various categories. It is ideal for family members owning a small to medium fleet of cars.

Plus-point! Simply Auto allows the option to track multiple vehicles (with the pro version). Can keep business and personal vehicles separated for easy computation of business tax deduction. You can sync it with iOS devices.


Drivvo is one of the best apps for tracking fuel mileage and expenses. The app has many functions revolving around the maintenance tracking of the vehicles. However, the prominent ones briefed in the above two points are control fuel-refueling, gas efficiency, expenses incurred on fuel, registration, monthly cost, oil changes, installments in financings, and identify the fuels best for your vehicle.  

Plus-point! You can manage multiple vehicles. The app gives reminders for the servicing and maintenance services. The app also gives you the feature to restore data from other tracking apps, making the switch hassle-free. The app also records the revenue sourced from the drives making it ideal for taxi services.  


Fuelio tracks fuel prices, fuel consumption and economy, purchases, mileage, and total trip logs. Use the GPS tracker to calculate the cost and map preview. You can back up your data to the cloud with the autosave feature. You can also use the stats to track other expenses. 

Plus-point! Simpler to use and manage! You can track the fuel cost in nearby gas stations. The entire stats are available as easy to comprehend graphical data. It can support multiple vehicles. 

My Car Service

My Car Service is a one-stop centralized system to track your car’s maintenance history. It tracks mileage and records the cost incurred for the maintenance work. You can back up the data with the cloud, making it easy for you to sync them to the device. 

Plus-point! The app is compatible with multiple vehicles. You can store information about the garages. You can extract all the information as a pdf for later purposes. The app does not boast of any fancy coverages but covers the basics pretty well.  


Though the automated service looks into several factors, physical discretion is also called for. The tracking apps are efficient, relieving the workload in an otherwise busy schedule. They are an excellent choice, be it for beginners overwhelmed by a series of factors that need to be addressed or as a convenience element for others. The platforms are regularly coming up with features to assist car owners and professionals in making maintenance a hassle-free process.