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Cars That Make Your Insurance Cheap


While searching for the best cars in the market, one tends to overlook the insurance attribute. People tend to search for the best features, dashboard, technical details, and brand popularity. However, this is also an important attribute to look for while getting the best deals for your car. Failure to consider the arrangements with the cheapest insurance is a liability for the future. 

Getting your care insured might demand a hefty sum of money when the right deal is not present. Therefore, it is essential to find the right deal to insure your car and secure future liability or events of misfortune. In such circumstances, claiming the insured sum will help you prevent spiraling down in your finances and debt. 

Statistics Of Car Thefts/ Burglary In The U.S. 

You might wonder why there is a need to get your car insured? What aspects will increase the likelihood of car failure and burglary? One can answer these questions by analyzing your neighborhood or looking at the national statistics for car thefts. Facts and statistics on FBI data analysis suggest that the stolen rate for motor vehicles is about 219 per 100,000 individuals (as per data compilation of 2019). 

National Insurance Crime Bureau or NICB released metropolitan rankings where car thefts were at maximum. Bakersfield, California, tops the list, followed by Albuquerque, New Mexico. The vehicle stolen rate on average in these regions is about 6,550. States, where car thefts are at maximum include Texas, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington, and Kansas. States, where car stolen rates were lowest include Wyoming, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.    

Furthermore, the NICB data also compiled the frequency of particular car brands that were stolen. The list includes Ford Pickup, Chevrolet Pickup, Honda Civic and Accord, Toyota Camry and Corolla, and Nissan Altima. According to Statista, the car theft rate in the U.S. is about 219.9, making it challenging to own a car in the US without insurance. Therefore, it is vital to understand the nitty-gritty of car insurance to obtain and negotiate the best deals. In a developed country like the United States, being a victim of car accidents can be a significant possibility. Getting away with consequences post-accident is something you can avoid with car insurance.

How Does Car Insurance Make Things Better?

Car insurance is like an extra life you receive while playing a game and moving on to the next level. Similarly, having car insurance is a wild card that will help you if something happens to your car due to unfortunate events. Car insurance is essential is if you get into a car accident or your car is broken into. Now, you will be drowned in financial burden and will be in significant debt. Getting out of the sinking hole will suck the life out of you, and the only thing that can save you in such a situation is a helping hand in the form of insurance. 

Car insurance covers repairs, medical expenses of the driver wounded, PAP (Personal Accident Protection), car reimbursement, and property damage charges. Every company has its policies. Therefore, one needs to check the terms and conditions before getting your car insured with that company.     

Car insurance does not cover maintenance costs and incidents that frequently occur that minutely damage your car. Getting your car insured is like adding an extra layer of protection that will bring fortune to the unfortunate incident. 

What Is The Need For Car Insurance?

One of the major drawbacks of not having car insurance is getting a fine or license suspension. All states in the U.S. require that you ensure your vehicle except the state of New Hampshire. Thus, to follow the legal guidelines, one needs to get their car insured. Every state has its requirements when it comes to auto insurance. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the guidelines are met based on the legislative. One needs to be compliant with this, as having your car insured will save you from future sorrows. 

Cheapest Annual Insurance Premium

There is a common notion that the cheapest cars have the lowest annual premium. This means that more affordable vehicles have a lower insurance rate. However, this notion is false. There is another criterion that takes precedence while determining the insurance rate of the car. Data suggests that the nation’s average insurance premium cost is about $1,427. Statistical interpretation of the data collected reveals the cheapest car insurance one can get by purchasing: 

    • Subaru Outback 
    • Jeep Wrangler
    • Honda CR-V
    • Subaru Forester
    • Ford Escape
    • Ford-150

Car Models And Its Relation To Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are estimates based on various attributes that increase the liability of risk. For instance, if your driving history shows accidents frequently, you are liable to future accidents based on your driving skill. Another attribute is the locality in which you live. The insurance company attempts to factor in and weigh in these attributes while determining the final rate of the insurance. Their goal is to make profits, so every detail like credit score and financial records is essential.        

Furthermore, car models at a lower risk of meeting with accidents or motor failures are subject to have a lower insurance rate. On the other hand, models with a higher probability of such an unfortunate incident will naturally have a higher insurance rate. The idea is that a lower insurance rate is given to individuals with the least plausibility of filing a claim, while those with a higher insurance rate have a higher probability of filing a claim.       

Insurance companies prepare actuarial data that depicts the future costs and liabilities of the car models. For instance, if your car has high-tech or foreign equipment, then the repair costs might increase. Therefore, while filing a claim for reimbursement or credit for repair, the company will have to give a higher sum. This gives a plausible explanation as to why insurance companies provide different insurance rates based on car models. Another significant variable that determines the rate of the insurance is the engine power. Having a car with a high-power engine suggests that the driver will tend to drive the car faster. Therefore, one is subject to meeting with an accident or causing damage, so sports cars have higher insurance rates. 

Sports Cars 

Sports cars like Jaguar, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin do not quickly get insurance due to their high-horsepower engine and repair costs. Many insurance companies fail to bear the costs and so are unlikely to get these sports cars insured. The increased insurance rate for sports cars is due to the higher potential for collisions and accidents. The cheapest sports cars to insure list includes Mazda MX-5, Hyundai Veloster, and Fiat 124 Spider. 


Therefore, the strategy of finding the cheapest insurance rate for your car is straightforward. First, find vehicle models that suit your daily requirements and your style. The next step involves researching the car model’s history and its accident occurrences. Then out of the car models shortlisted, find the model that has a minor collision history. Insurance companies will tend to give you lower insurance on past data. Another significant attribute that will lower the insurance rate is your driving history. Therefore, make sure that you have a clean driving record. Your neighborhood will also be a factor in reducing the insurance rate. Hence, if it’s possible for you to move to a neighborhood where the crime rate is low, it will increase your chances of getting the cheapest insurance for your car.