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States With Weird Driving Laws


Everyone has sometimes heard about the funny laws, making you wonder about the story of its origin. For example, it is illegal to put ice cream cones in the rear post in Georgia and Alabama. The reason being, to stop burglars from luring anyone’s horses. Below is a compiled list of the weirdest driving laws in the states. 


Eyes on the road, always. If you are a passenger, it is illegal to interfere with the driver’s view. This law states that a person in the front seat can not interfere with the driver’s control of the vehicle or block the driver’s view.


You can not honk your vehicle at any place where sandwiches or cold drinks are served after 9 PM in Little Rock. When the clock shows nine, you better not consider honking even a little in Little Rock.


It is misconduct to shoot at any prey from a moving vehicle — except you can if the target is a whale. Though it looks counter-intuitive that you would shoot a whale from the bike, car, boat, plane, etc., in California, it is allowed. All animals are off-limits, but not whales.


Launching a missile at a car is illegal in Alamosa. According to Alamosa’s Ordinances, it is illegal for anyone to intentionally project a missile at any equipment or vehicle for the transportation of property or persons.


You are not allowed to change clothes inside a car in Fenwick Island and not only changing clothes — it is illegal “to change clothes, live, cook, use toilet facilities, dwell, or sleep inside vehicles in Fenwick Island.


You are not allowed to park a commercial vehicle at your home in Cape Coral. City law states that no one is allowed to park commercial vehicles on residential properties. Therefore, a plumber can not park his van at his house if it has been in use for work purposes.


If you string a wire around a street in Anchorage, it will be considered illegal. This law specifies wires and forbids tacks, glass bottles, nails, cans, glass, or other items resulting in injury.


In Dublin, it is not allowed to drive your car in a playground. A city law explicitly states that driving your motor vehicles through playgrounds is illegal unless they have written permission.

Hawaii Law 

It is illegal for any moving vehicles to use hazard lights. Therefore, you will need to stop entirely before hitting the hazard button.

Idaho Law

No aged bikers. It is illegal for people over the age of 88 to ride a motorbike.


These states have some weird driving laws, but there are probably more in other states/countries. Make sure you check your driving laws before visiting a new state because you never know what you might get in trouble for!