What To Do If You Witness A Car Accident


Road accidents are very common, and it not only affects people in the accident and their families but also people witnessing the accident. 

Witnessing a car accident can shake a person’s mental state, so the first important thing to do is to calm yourself and take a deep breath. 

Guarantee Your Own Safety

If you witness an accident in front of you while driving, make sure to distance yourself from the commotion to allow emergency vehicles to pass and ensure your safety. It would be best if you distanced yourself to be safe from broken glass, fumes, or leaked fuel. It will help if you switch on your danger lights. Only step out of the car if you are safe. If you’re on a busy highway, it is best not to move out. 

Call The Proper Authorities

You must ensure that you call for an ambulance and the police as soon as you are out of danger. One must never believe that someone has already reached out to the authorities. Make sure your vehicle is parked properly before you start making calls to the concerned departments. 

Monitor The Victims And Offer Them Support

Once you have notified the authorities, assess the scene and determine whether it is secure approaching the crash victims. Once you have determined that the location is safe to enter, monitor the victims to ensure they are okay. Check whether they need any help, if possible, for you to do so. You can start by asking whether the victims are hurt and if they need assistance.  Offer your phone to them in case they want to call their family or friends. Block off the area of the accident using some flares or some object as a barricade. Unless there is a danger of the impacted vehicle being caught on fire, do not, under any circumstance, shift a wounded person because that may lead to a risk of serious injuries. It is always best to leave the medical professionals to tend to the wounds. Assure the sufferers that assistance is on the way to provide comfort to them. 

If Possible, Stabilize The Vehicle

In the case of a minor accident, tell the motorist to park the impacted car and turn the ignition off. Turning off the ignition eliminates fire risk since the impact may have resulted in a fuel, coolant, or oil leak. Ask for help and if it’s safe, shift the impacted vehicle out of harm’s way to make way for other transports to pass and make way for emergency vehicles to reach the area of the accident. If it is impossible to do so, you can make a barricade of traffic cones or flares to warn passers-by of the danger. 

 Make A Statement

You can help by providing comfort to someone who is hurt until the proper authorities arrive and give a true and accurate account of the events when the police come. Intense situations, if someone is reckless and rash while driving, and someone who was at fault in causing the accident might benefit the victim if you stay to provide a statement to the police as an observer. There might be a situation wherein your presence is needed to diffuse a tense situation between the involved parties or stop someone from leaving the accident scene. You must be sure to ensure your safety during the whole situation. Provide the relevant facts and information when the police arrive at the location. Be honest and clear about the information you provide. Since a car accident is upsetting for both the sufferer and the spectator, reporting only what you have seen is best.  


Do not be hesitant when the cops call you for general questioning. Be honest and confident with your answers. Ensure everyone is safe at the scene of the accident and stay out of the way of danger and approaching authorities. Accidents can be very scary, but knowing what to do can ease some of the stress.